Cancer Trauma Claim

As a doctor with a family, I knew that personal insurance was important; but, due to my history of pre-existing complex medical conditions leading to rejection of previous insurance applications I had made, I put it into the “too hard basket.”

That was until I decided that there was no harm in consulting an insurance broker. Lloyd was totally professional, personable, and honest. And it was hard for him, but he was eventually able to get me a suite of personal insurance.

Lloyd didn’t stop there. He was continually in contact with me about my cover and on the look-out for new products that might better suit my needs. Ironically, I was just in the midst of completing an application for new insurance with him when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, I was able to make a claim under my existing Trauma cover which provided a substantial payout that took the financial pressures off me during a difficult time.

I couldn’t recommend Lloyd Levin and his team at Experien more highly.