Client who received a trauma insurance claim

From our very first meeting we noticed that there was something different about Experien, and in particular Mark. His approach, care, patience and professionalism, has shone through from the very first time we met.

One of the key services provided consistently by Mark was that he has always taken the time to explain the policy that we were venturing into, answering any questions we had along the way, supporting us with price comparisons if at any time we questioning value for money.

Recently we were revisiting our insurance with Mark, and it was during this five-minute phone conversation that Mark changed our lives.

In our conversation we discussed a medical event that we had not previously talked to Mark about. It happened, my partner has recovered, and we thought nothing more about it.

Mark asked a few questions and there was one particular question, “Did we put forward an insurance claim for this event?” I’m sure we are not alone with this but to be honest we never even thought about putting forward a claim and in hindsight it is so obvious that we should have. There was so much going on at the time and the last thing on our mind was an insurance claim!

A basic question that I’m convinced not many Insurance Brokers would take the time to ask. Thank you Mark for looking after your customers, educating us regularly on what we are paying for and in turn able to access.

Once Mark helped us establish that we were eligible to make a claim, Mark sent through the paperwork. I filled out as much as I could and Mark helped with finalising the documents before sending them off to the insurance company. Off it went, and in our busy lives we’d moved on and forgotten about it.

A few weeks later, Mark sent an email asking if he could drop by to discuss our insurance. We’re aware that he has children of similar age and we didn’t want to bother him to come see us – he insisted.

After a brief catch-up he handed by partner an envelope from the insurance company. Inside was a cheque for the full amount of our policy – a true game changer for us.

We’re sure that Mark and his team liaised with the insurance company with all the required details to get to this outcome.

We’d like to thank Mark and his team for all their work. Thank you for providing a service with a difference. Hate to make this sound like a cliché but we genuinely feel you guys really do care about your customers. From late night home visits, to always making yourselves available to answer any questions, even the most basic of ones.

Thank you for your simple question, “Did you make a claim?”