Comparing medical indemnity insurance prices for doctors

There are a range of factors that each insurer may consider in determining the price for your medical indemnity insurance policy if you are a Doctor.  If you are considering switching insurers or are taking out cover for the first time, here are some of the factors that an insurer may consider in preparing a premium quote for you  :

  1. What is your speciality (such as a General Practitioner or a Dermatologist) ?
  2. What are your annual billings each year ? Generally the higher the billings the higher your premium will be.
  3. Your gender. Some insurers may differentiate pricing based on gender
  4. Your scope of practice. For example, if you are General Practitioner that does skin procedures then you may pay a higher premium
  5. The nature, amount and type of any past claims you may have had regarding medical malpractice
  6. How many years you have been in private practice
  7. Whether you have any conditions imposed on your license to practice with AHPRA

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