Disability insurance claim

“I’ve always complained at tax time due to the cost of disability insurance, but when I was diagnosed with AML last year it certainly changed my outlook!

Yes, it’s not cheap, but from the moment I contacted Mark Sacks at Experien Insurance Services, he was so empathetic and supportive and came to our house to have a face to face about paperwork etc. My wife was also very reassured by his caring and supportive attitude and felt much more at peace after talking to Mark. 

The claim process could’ve been tricky, but he again dealt with questions/ confusion quickly and helped us sort things fast.  

I’ve always had him as my central contact and have not had to talk to different people all the time, which when you’re feeling unwell makes things SO much easier. I feel confident and trust that he has my family and my interest at heart. Review your insurance, you’d be surprised how much you actually need!!

Huge thanks to Mark Sacks and Experien Team for fantastic support in a very difficult time. “

Doctor in NSW

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services