Doctor in Victoria with breast cancer insurance claim

My name is Monica and I am a General Medical Practitioner in Victoria and I would like to provide a testimonial regarding my recent experience with Mr Lloyd Levin and the team at Experien Insurance. I had been one of Lloyd’s clients for over 10 years for my life insurance, trauma cover and income protection insurance. In March 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I only had to make one phone call to Lloyd, and then he organised everything. I completed all the documents with the assistance of my treating surgeon and with minimum of fuss I received my full payout of both my income protection and trauma cover within two weeks of my diagnosis. The claim was dealt with promptly and efficiently that I cannot thank enough Lloyd and the team at Experien Insurance. As a result of my prompt insurance payout, I can now concentrate on my full recovery as I have no associated financial concerns. Lloyd can only be describes as a highly knowledgeable, competent and ethical insurance broker, I can’t thank him enough for the exceptional service I received during my recent illness.

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