Doctors medical malpractice insurance

Many doctors, who hold mandatory private medical malpractice insurance cover, often take out a policy with one insurer and then just stick with that insurer for life.  They don’t ever shop around to see if they can get a better price or better features with another insurer. Or even both.  Experien General Insurance Services helps doctors to see if there are better options for them. When we compare product features across insurers, we take into account over 40 sub features across the insurers to understand which insurers have better sub features then others. A list of many of the features we look at are shown below.  The exact features of each insurer will be contained in their Product Disclosure Statement document and these can be revised from time to time.  Contact Experien General Insurance Services here to get personalised support in helping you with your medical malpractice insurance.

  1. Is there Civil liability for unpaid and private healthcare services ?
  2. Civil liability for public healthcare services ?
  3. What is the Regulatory defence cost limit ?
  4. Cover for non-clinical professional activities arising out of management & admin ?
  5. Are there cancellation fees or penalties or money withheld if you stop your policy mid term ?
  6. Will the policy cover you for any “Difference in Conditions” compared to the policy held in the previous year ?
  7. Does the policy offer “Continuous Cover” whereby you will not be penalised by late notification of a matter as your policy renews from one year to another ?
  8. Do you have “Extended Continuous Cover” ? Which is a feature that helps protect you if you change insurers ?
  9. What is the “Retroactive date (tail cover)” of you policy ? Does it go back far enough ?
  10. Will the policy allow you to “Reinstate” your cover if you have a claim ?
  11. Does your policy limit allow Defence costs to be paid in addition to the main policy limit or does it contribute towards that limit ?
  12. Can you policy provide additional costs to maintain your defence if your Insurer wants to settle ?
  13. How does the cover work with regards to premium adjustments due to mid-term billing increases/decreases ?
  14. Is there any cover for public relations costs following an incident ?
  15. Is there cover for Statutory fines and penalties ?
  16. Is there cover for Statutory defence costs ?
  17. Are privacy breach fines and penalties covered ?
  18. Are Privacy notification costs insured ?
  19. Does the policy provide a loss of income for time away from practice ?
  20. Does the policy cover the costs of funding an appeal ?
  21. Is there cover to help with a removal of your name from proceedings ?
  22. Are there any insured Health and Wellbeing Benefits ?
  23. Is there cover for Defamation ? Is it for pursuit or defence ?
  24. Are Practice & Staff (non-medical/healthcare) cover
  25. Are Communicable diseases covered ?
  26. Is there cover for Disciplinary board proceedings ? If yes, how much ?
  27. Are Criminal proceedings covered ?
  28. Are Investigations by coroner / commission covered ?
  29. Will there be defence provided for Medicare investigations and audits ?
  30. What about Health or medical fund investigations or prosecutions ?
  31. Hospital inquiry defences ?
  32. Training program disputes ?
  33. Government, statutory or private authority inquiries ?
  34. Subpoenas for medical records ?
  35. Personal safety orders ?
  36. Cover for Practice Entity Excess ?
  37. Replacement or restoration of lost documents ?
  38. Loss of Motor licence defence in certain circumstances ?
  39. Overseas Cover ?
  40. Tax Audit Costs ?
  41. Legal costs defending alleged breaches of competition, consumer or fair trading legs ?
  42. Employment disputes ?