“Forever grateful for your help” – life insurance advice and claim

From a Dentist in NSW.

Hello Mark

I will forever be grateful for your help.

“I would say cancer diagnosis is the worst diagnosis and biggest health scare anyone could get.

My breast cancer was very aggressive and hence needed aggressive treatment. This meant I was not able to work during the course of the treatment.

My husband immediately contacted you at Eperien Insurance solutions to check if I will be eligible for income protection. The help and the treatment I got was fantastic.

We are healthcare professionals and we own a business, so you can imagine the stress we had, but you were so good and made the claim experience so easy.

You were able to facilitate the processing of a huge critical Illness lump sum straight away. This took a huge financial stress away from my family, I immediately stayed focused on the treatment.

You also made sure my income protection kicked in straight away, as if that was not enough, you went above and beyond and processed 6 months worth of payments all at once. This was such a huge relief on our part, we will forever be grateful to Mark and Experien Insurance Services.

You showed us empathy and sympathy through out the whole treatment.

Also as mentioned above, we are business owners, you were able to cover some of the business overheads for the whole course of the treatment.

I whole heartedly recommend Mark Sacks and Experien insurance for any of your insurance needs.

Big diagnosis can easily send one to severe depression but having the financial security plays a huge part in healing. The claim I received was great and will forever be thankful for what you and your team did for me and my family.


Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services