Income Protection Claim Testimonial Lloyd Levin

Income Protection is something which I have now had for over 20 years and assumed I would never need to make a claim. Lloyd has managed the income protection policies for our company for over 10 years. He has always done a good job managing these policies and checking each year they were still relevant for each individual in the company.

It wasn’t until I had to make a claim following a mountain bike accident, that I realised just how important our insurance broker is. Lloyd has been an indispensable member of my recovery team. He has been the main link between me and the insurance company. This has meant that any issues over clauses or wording in the policy has been explained to me and then a strategy has been developed to ensure my best interests have been represented.

By having Lloyd actively manage my claim, this has reduced the stress and anxiety for myself and my family who had to deal with the initial part of claim. This has allowed me to focus fully on my recovery, knowing my income stream is secure, and that I am receiving the best outcome from my income protection policy.

I highly recommend Lloyd Levin to anyone looking for an insurance broker. He will look after your interests first and foremost. He will act as your advocate when discussing your case with the insurance company, even if that means he has to take a contrary view to the insurance company.

It was also a reminder of how important income protection insurance is, as it allows you to fully recover, before embarking back to work. My work was able to employ someone to cover my workload, without the business suffering financially. As the business owner, this meant my profits were not affected.

Dr Scott Rogers BVSc MVS