Income protection insurance

Client in NSW who had a TPD (Total And Permanent Disability) and Income Protection (IP) insurance claim which occurred via an accident.  Testimonial from client of Mark Sacks.

Now that I have stopped work and been declared TPD for  my own occupation I would like to thank you for your assistance over the years with managing my income protection , life insurance as well as my trauma  and TPD . “

“I am very grateful to you for the way that you have managed my income protection insurance and TPD claim .  These  two policies  have been crucial to my financial stability following the accident I had. “

“As you are aware, my complex injuries made it difficult for me to work. Chronic pain is the main problem . I had never expected anything like this to happen to me in my life. “ “I had followed your advice, and had the correct policies in place, which certainly protected me well, and have made this situation easier for me . “

“Your support from day one, when I found myself in intensive Care for 8 days, and that of  TAL , has been crucial to me getting through what has been a very difficult time.”

“I appreciate the role that you have played in communicating with TAL , assisting me with my claims and ensuring that I was well prepared for an incident such as this.”

It was never going to be easy, and continues to affect my day to day life .

Many thanks once again

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services