Insurance claim for dentist in Sydney

When I was first  diagnosed with early  breast  cancer in February 2020, I was shocked and worried.  It was found on two yearly mammogram and ultrasound unexpected.  I said to myself  how am I going to survive if I go for the surgery and close my dental clinic for at least 6 weeks without any income  ? Especially while the business was already down due to Covid -19 pandemic. I quickly contacted Mark Sacks who is my MLC income protection financial adviser. I also have TAL business income protection and life and trauma insurance through super for which my financial adviser was my accountant and who later move to Queensland and is no longer my financial adviser for TAL.I asked Mark if he can be my TAL financial adviser , he agreed without any hesitation. I am really grateful for his kindness for giving me a helping hand when I was desperate.

In April 2020 I had mastectomy and nipple sparing implant reconstruction done with a Doctor who is a caring and competent breast  surgeon. The surgery was a success but recovery took time .I had strong pain and fatigue for more than 4 weeks. Mark helped me a lot with the insurance claim during this period. I had TAL business claim approved quickly which was a great relief for me .TAL trauma claim also came back with great result. I was so happy. It really helped me tremendously.

I really appreciate Mark for responding my email quickly and follow up my claim efficiently. Mark is a very professional and knowledgeable financial adviser. I will hundred percent recommend Mark Sacks to my friends and colleagues.

Once again I want to thank Mark for helping me so much in my difficult times. Thank you ! Mark.

Dentist in NSW.

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