Medical Specialist’s Spouse Life Insurance Claim – Trauma Insurance Claim From Cancer

Getting cancer is one of those unexpected life health event that I never thought would happen to me. Reflecting on that conversation my husband and I had with Mark Sacks from Experien over 10 years back I had thought then whether we had made the correct decision to take out insurance policies.

I was one of those people who thought that the chances of trauma happening to either of us was miniscule given that we had both looked after our health and led relatively healthy lifestyles. But if this experience has taught us anything – it’s that unexpected things do happen and we’re glad to have taken Mark’s professional advice back then.

He had undertaken to offer our family, insurance policies that was tailored to our current as well as our future needs. The insurance claim has subsequently given my family financial comfort and peace of mind, especially during these times of a global pandemic and financial uncertainty.

His support, assistance and guidance throughout the subsequent claims process has been immense, given that this was unchartered territory for me. He has facilitated and made the claims process seamless and a very pleasant, stress-free experience. He has practically undertaken all our legwork and that has allowed for me to get on with my life and focus on what is important – my recovery and my family. These simple words cannot truly express to Mark, how deeply thankful I am.


Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services