No words of thanks and gratitude would be enough

“No words of thanks and gratitude would be enough for having the support of Lloyd Levin from Experien Insurance Services.

You see, Experien, are insurance specialists who deal with Income protection, Life insurance to name just a few, of which I would like to focus on and tell you about, simply because I do not want healthy young person who is working full time, to not be insured.  At the end of the day, regardless of your position, your living expenses always add up the bills keep coming.

Initially, when we started looking into income protection and life insurance as healthy individuals, many, many years ago, our thought process was as follows;

1. Nothing would happen to us, so why do we need it?
2. How are we going to pay it, only to find out that both insurances are tax deductible.

I am here to say, thank goodness Lloyd Levin was here to help us of which we did get the insurances we needed!

My husband at the age of 52 was sent home to die with a rare genetic condition that globally no medical specialist has a cure for, let alone be able to identify triggers that will cause it to happen again.

The hospital discharged my husband with the words, “go home and get your house in order, it is not a matter of if it will happen again, but when!”

Hence that was when I rang Lloyd, devastated and shattered with the news about my husband.  Lloyd Levin supports you and is there with you every step of the way and continues to be with us.

He helped us work through what needs to be done, giving us, peace of mind, that at least our bills are paid and we can keep our home, because of the salary insurance we put in place many, many years ago, when times were healthy and great…….So, the message, I can not emphasise enough, is you just never know, when your whole world as you knew it, turns upside down into one horrible ongoing roller coaster nightmare into the unknown world rare genetic conditions, hence having peace of mind with the ongoing support of Lloyd Levin and the “Experien Team”, is invaluable.

I would highly recommend you seeking his advice and putting into action all things insurance.”

Client in Melbourne

This is general information. Each person has different needs so contact us today to find out more and to see how it may apply to you.  Life insurance and Financial Advice services are provided by Experien Insurance Services Pty Ltd (EIS) ABN 99 128 678 937 and Experien Financial Services Pty Ltd (EFS) ABN 32 631 346 757. EIS and EFS are a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 320626 and No. 1274354) of Affinia Financial Advisers Limited ABN 13 085 335 397 AFSL No. 237857.