Testimonial from the widow of a doctor who died – aged in in his 40s – from Leukemia and received a life insurance payment

I realise that dealing with people who lost a loved one, must be a hard part of your work. It must be difficult to managed the financial side of your job with the people side. Thank you again for all your help during this last year a half of our life that was so brutally hard. For some explained reason I was very pessimistic about the likelihood of insurances paying out well, but you helped to change my perception !

My late husband’s disability insurance and life insurance were taken out using Mark Sacks from Experien Insurance Services. My husband and I both found Mark to be personable in the way that he reassured us of our financial security and in the way that he was in frequent contact with us to keep us updated on the payments. We found Mark to be efficient in moving the processes along up to the final payouts and the insurance packages that he chose for us were very good. In the end he also suggested a financial adviser to me to help me invest the money from my husband’s life insurance and plan for my financial future. Mark helped us to make a very hard time in our life, a little easier.

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services