Trauma Claim Testimonial

At 33 years old I was about to start a family as well as my own business. I wanted to consider my options to ensure the financial security of my family. While I was initially skeptical about taking out Life, TPD and income protection insurances, we spoke to the insurance brokers at Experien who provided sound and conservative advice based on our family and my business situation. In hindsight, I am grateful for the advice I was given and the policies I took out.

When I recently fell sick and was advised I would require ongoing medical treatment, it was a very difficult time for my family and me to contend with. However, one aspect that I was not worried about was the future financial security of my family due to the policies that I held. I found Experien were always easy to deal with especially regards to filling out paperwork, their prompt reply to my emails and concerns, and their diligence in engagement of annual policy reviews.

From the moment I made the difficult phone call to Alex Kambos to advise him of my medical circumstance, he was caring and made the entire claim process stress free. I highly recommend Alex and the team at Experien for being knowledgeable with regards to insurance products and having the client’s best interests at all times.