What is medical indemnity insurance ?

Regulations require all registered health professionals to be covered by professional indemnity insurance. Privately practising health practitioners, such as Doctors and Dentists, must purchase their own professional indemnity insurance.

Medical services provided under the public health system are usually covered by State and Territory professional indemnity arrangements as part of their employment arrangements.

Medical indemnity insurers (referred to as MDOs for Doctors) provide indemnity insurance to health practitioners to pay the cost of claims for medical malpractice proceedings.  Claims costs mainly relate to patient compensation and/or legal defence costs.

When a Doctor or Dentist applies for insurance, the insurer determines a premium based on a range of potential risk factors, such as their Dental or Medical Speciality, procedures undertaken (eg for a General Practitioner Doctor if they do cosmetic treatments), claiming history, how long they have been in private practice, and (particularly for Doctors) their private sector billing income.

Obtaining or reviewing individual or practice medical indemnity insurance cover for Doctors

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Dental professional indemnity insurance

Experien General Insurance Services can arrange professional indemnity insurance for Dentists without association or membership fees.

Experien General Insurance Services arranges Dental Professional Indemnity insurance – with CGU Insurance as the insurer – under an authority given to us as agent of the Insurer and not the Insured.


General Advice Warning

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