A Medical Specialist in NSW with an insurance claim under Trauma Insurance and Income Protection Insurance (July 21)

“Just some thoughts and extreme gratitude for your help.

I have had a couple of major health issues in the past 4 years.

The first was in 2017 when I underwent heart surgery. I had taken out insurance (including Trauma and Income Protection as well as Life cover) about 40 years ago when I began work and the policy was initially undertaken with an insurance company that no longer existed in 2017, presumably having been bought out by several other entities in that time.

We were quite distressed when trying to get assistance from the present insurance company and was deferred to several offshore call centres which did not seem to be able to help process my claim. I was recommended to seek advice from Mark Sacks by my accountant. He stepped in at that time and took over the case resolving it in no time at all. His professionalism and compassion were humbling – he actually dropped into my home the next day and all was handled efficiently.  The maximum claim was attained with regards to Trauma payout; the income protection payment was extended to many months after I had returned to work!   Every phone call and email was answered promptly and courteously.

This year I have developed a neurologic problem affecting the use of my leg – severely impacting my ability to work. I felt that I could not stop work completely because of a commitment to my practice and this apparently was set to void any claim to my Income Protection claim. Many people told me I was foolish to not comply with this action (of not stopping work for the mandated 4 weeks) which jeopardised the payout – but not Mark who offered support emotionally and professionally giving encouragement to continue working to my limited capacity. He was tenacious and explored every avenue to reach a successful outcome. He strongly recommended consultation with an Insurance Claims Specialist with whom he had previously worked; and this ultimately led to a successful claim for which I am very satisfied.  

I am most grateful to Mark Sacks and recommend him without reservation.

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services