Why Experien is different?


Experien Financial Services is a member of the Experien Insurance Services group of companies – a national firm of financial advisers with over 6,000 clients.
Our founders are actuaries, conservative by nature, experts in risk and financial forecasting, with more than 25 years of superannuation experience.
We are not owned by any institution and will always act in your best interests.


We use powerful actuarial tools to model millions of future financial scenarios – tailored for you.
– We show you a range of future financial outcomes, and how likely they are to happen – again, tailored for you.
– We then work with you to adjust your financial plan, to achieve a long term probable outcome, that you are comfortable with.
– We will determine and agree an asset allocation specific to your circumstances.

One lens: We can manage your long term investments held inside and outside superannuation on a consistent, holistic basis.

No Stopping: Our advice spans through your working career and all through your retirement. We don’t stop our work on the day you retire!

Consistency:We ensure that your investment strategy is consistent before and after retirement.

Investment Management

Each person has a different appetite for taking risks with their investments. We implement an investment strategy, using 5 types of assets, that match your “risk appetite”.

We don’t try guess which individual investment within each asset type will perform better than others. We use a proven approach, that has historically consistently outperformed others, that diversifies your investments, keeps costs low, and your money liquid.