Our unique and complimentary life and general insurance claims support service

Whilst no event leading to a claim is ever good news, we are proud that we may ease the financial burden that inevitably arises when something goes wrong. At Experien Insurance, nothing is more important than the support we give at claim time. As a national brokerage firm, we help a large number of clients successfully claim on their insurance policies every year. Our experienced team of advisers have built up experience and capabilities to help achieve these outcomes.

We have created a unique and complimentary claims support service that is automatically available to our existing clients with current policies in force.

Our claims support service entitles our clients to the following:

An experienced local and personal claims adviser available in 5 states

No additional charges or fees for our claims services

Assistance with the maintenance of any ongoing claim

Help prepare, review and lodge claims documents

Support with any disputes (if any) arising from the claim

Access to our life insurance claims support fund

We have access to senior staff at each insurer if required

Support from secondary advisers and staff if required


Plus you get access to the following:

  • Access to the benefits of our scale including our access to support networks such Steadfast for General Insurance claims and our dealership for life insurance claims
  • Access to our dental peer support claims service for dental professional indemnity clients
  • Support in managing any benefit reinstatements that can be exercised following a claim
  • Support with any subsequent or secondary claims


Life Insurance Claims Support Fund

This fund covers financial support for up to $5,000 as follows:

  • Payment of legal fees or other professional services to progress a challenge of any declined claims.
  • We will match the first $1,000 of any legal or professional fees you pay and EIS will pay up to $4,000 in addition to that.
  • The legal resource or other professional resource must be chosen by EIS. Payments will only be made to this person and not you.
  • The fund will be available after a claim has been declined at an insurer and the insurer’s internal and external claims dispute process have both resulted in the decline being retained after you have progressed this with our support.
  • The fund will only be available if EIS, in its sole discretion, believes the claim is valid and there is no issues regarding nondisclosure, eligibility or other matters that would support the insurer’s decision.
  • The fund will be available in good faith where EIS believes there is a reasonable chance the claim declinature can successfully be challenged and you have complied with all our instructions.
  • A claim must have a potential payment of over $20,000 to enjoy support from the fund.
  • The fund can only be used by a client once ever.


Terms and Conditions: These terms commence and are current as at January 2017. The terms can be removed at any time with 6 months continuation once terminated. Advice on termination will be made via our website if ever cancelled. Other terms and conditions such as those for the dental peer support service apply as per the advertised service promoted elsewhere by EIS. The package only applies to policies where the policy commenced from advice given by EIS and implemented by EIS. It does not apply where a policy is taken over from another adviser other than EIS. It only will apply to claims for new illnesses or injuries or claims events since we are the broker on the policy and occurring after the policy commenced and whilst the policy was in force.