Bob – Crisis Cover Claim

I have been in public practice as an accountant for over 40 years and have always seen the value of having term insurance to meet my needs whilst raising a family and to ensure any loans were covered in the event of a loss of income due to illness, disability or death.

I have always also taken the opportunity to advise clients to consider this affordable course of action to cover any risks to their and their family’s wellbeing.

In my 60’s I felt I was approaching the end of these needs with my loans and debt nearly extinguished. However, my Experien Insurance Services broker Farrell Spungin  advised that as I moved to this phase of my life I should consider the possibility that I may have need crisis cover to cover any event  that would require my spouse to spend time assisting me or for the need to get home help for nursing or rehabilitation.

I have always been fit and actively pursue a healthy lifestyle but when I was recently diagnosed with cancer that would require radical surgery and a period of rehabilitation it was such a comfort to be able to trigger my crisis and recovery amount to ensure that all the decks were clear to concentrate on just getting well.

Being debt free and a having an amount to meet the bills for the best surgeons and specialists and to make up for the loss of income is a great feeling and I am eternally grateful for my adviser’s sage advice to purchase this product not only for the payout but the peace of mind over the last few years that it has afforded me.

Affordable Term Life and Crisis cover is not an expense – it is a necessary essential investment for you and your families “peace of mind” even for “grey hair gurus” like myself.