David – Income Protection Claim

I first met Lloyd at an education event in 2013, and thanks to my procrastination, it only took us 12 months and a second organised event to sit down and properly discuss options for Income Protection.  He made the entire process itself quite painless – because of where I was in my career at the time, I was able to take advantage of a preset ‘package’ and be insured for a good amount without having to go through the messy paperwork of proving past earnings, etc.  We somehow also managed to get coverage for an old (inactive) injury, which really was the cherry on top.

Fast forward about 5 months, and I’m really glad that I didn’t put off getting Income Protection Insurance, as I was sidelined for 2 months due to a cycling accident requiring surgery.  I called Lloyd within an hour of getting my initial diagnosis, and he started the paperwork going.  Long story short, my claim was approved and paid literally within 8 days of handing the completed forms to him.  In all this time, I didn’t have to deal directly with the insurer at all.

While being unable to work isn’t the most fun thing, having at least some financial peace-of-mind really takes the pressure off.  Lloyd and the Experien crew really do make it a personalized and personable service.  In case I’m not being clear – I highly recommend them!