Dentist In NSW With Income Protection Insurance Claim Following An Eye Injury

“When I sold my dental practice to a corporate for a large sum I decided I didn’t need income protection anymore even though I was intending to work for another 12 years.

Fortunately Mark from Experien Insurance Services took the time to go through the policy with me again and explain its benefits. As a result of that conversation I decided to keep the policy and I’m so glad I did because 3 years later I suffered what is likely to be a career ending eye injury.

I contacted Mark and he guided me through the claims process. Once the insurer received all the necessary documents from the specialist they started paying out every month and it’s now been over a year.

I cannot thank Mark and his team enough for helping me choose the right policy & convincing me to keep it.

It’s been a very stressful time in my life but at least I don’t have any financial concerns thanks to the income protection.”