Dentist with Total And Permanent Disability Claim Of Over $1m and ongoing monthly Income Protection Insurance Claim

Principle Dentist / Practice Owner / Regional NSW / Jan 2022

Total And Permanent Disability Claim Of Over $1m and ongoing monthly Income Protection Insurance Claim

“This is an overview of our journey through the biggest disaster in our life. Also a hopeful guidance to get educated and find professional help in a field you did not study or have in depth knowledge.

I can do an implant easily but insurance it’s just all mumbo-jumbo for me.

I also have no time for insurance and admin, as a professional owning a dental practice, you need to do the dentistry on top of the Admin/ Business relate task that comes with the “owning the Practice” privilege.

As many of you know there is a lot of hours on the side that go into running your practice. Believe me I Love dentistry I don’t love business or HR/Admin that’s why I studied dentistry right.

The Start: All was fine we found the perfect dental practice and jumped right into it. As usual all was very exciting and new so we embraced the challenges and had our own little Paradise. It actually went so well that we opened up a second dental practice and we were running 2 successful dental locations Living the Dream . We had a stable team with fantastic Patients all looking really Awesome/ we were blessed.

Than the unimaginable l happens ( no not Covid 19 ) far worse for me. I went to my Doctor and got told “Il be just upfront with you. You will never work as a dentist again. ” Flat-line Speechless I did not even Cry >> Just that shock<<.

I was at a breaking point. Working for 15 years very very hard and then get told “GAME OVER” and not on our wrongdoing, like Bad Business decisions, it is very hard on the mind and pulls the rug away under you.

The Panic what happened to my Family My Awesome Team , my Patients my EVERYTHING?

So we looked at our options. Now the “Knights in Shining Armour” came more in deep into our live. AKA The Experien Team . Our Helpers when we needed help the most in a field we have no knowledge or control off.

Luckily We had Insurance, and thank you to the Experien team – a Good one. As typical we did not like insurance or like talk about it or PAY for it, but thankfully we had it. Thanks to the Experien team’s advice we were covered with our 2 Businesses and we had TPD and income Protection insurance. I still remember the first phone call to Experien, from there on we had a great Captain- Alex Kambos and His Team To sail us through the rough waters of insurance lingo, demands for medical testing and all the hops and loops that came with the claim (believe me it’s not easy to keep track). Just to follow the guide of the professionals made it more manageable , but do it without the help I doubt we would have the outcome we had.

The Phone call that our claim was approved made the difference for living in poverty to being OK with the “Game Over” verdict from the different Doctors.

I can’t praise the whole Journey with Alex Kambos and his team from Experien too high. We were so happy that we were covered and that the team is still looking after us, after the TPD Claim and for the ongoing Income Protection insurance claim.

Having Experien in our lives was for us the best. The biggest step that does not get credit is that we HAD an insurance for this event if not for the Advice From Alex 6 years ago we would have lost probably everything we worked so hard for.

Get Advice on Your insurance and just Pay it. hopefully you never need it, but when it is a Live changing advice and has after the fact such an importance.

Again I would like to thank you the Experien Team deeply from my Heart and cant Praise them enough.”THANK YOU”.I hope this helps other Colleagues to be on the Safe side.”

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