Dr Ching – Claims Experience

I remember when I first met Lloyd Levin many years ago as a young doctor, and he said that “no one ever plans to get sick or injured, but if it ever happens, then you’ll be relieved you paid for the best insurance you could afford”. Years later, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of needing to make a claim, but the fortunate experience of being relieved that I listened to Lloyd’s advice on not just what insurances to buy, but importantly which insurers where the best to deal with if a claim was ever made.

My claims experience through Lloyd has been a stress free situation, as Lloyd has handled much of the organizing and sending in my paper work to streamline the reporting and ensuring my payments are sent through from the insurer on time. Insurance premium can seem expensive when you don’t see a tangible benefit, however, once I had to make a claim, suddenly it seems a small price to pay for the financial relief it provided.

I would highly recommend Lloyd as your trusted insurance adviser, he is highly knowledgable about the various policies, trusted, caring and a detailed and thorough adviser.