Financial Planning With Long Term Modelling

We like to think our Financial Planning process is slightly different to the norm.  Our Scenario Planning uses an actuarial modelling tool to calculate millions of possible investment scenarios, returns and longevity outcomes to show you the likelihood of achieving your financial goals.  One of our clients had this to say of the process :

“The second hat that Tony – our Experien Financial Planner – wears (in addition to his Financial Planner hat) is that of an Actuary.  We wanted to work with an Actuary because the bulk of our wealth (like many) is tied up in property.  We needed to know how long to hold and when to sell our 3 investment properties to transition to retirement.  Tony modelled our financial future till aged 90 !  He showed us a path to retirement that forecasts a higher standard of living than we expected.  We’re now closing in on our last decade of work with a solid financial plan for the future.  Thanks, Tony!”

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Experien Financial Services is headed up by Tony Snoyman. With over 25 years’ experience in the financial services sector across the life insurance and the wealth management industry, Tony has provided superannuation advice to individuals, corporations and government. Tony has worked for some of the most respected and largest superannuation consultancies both in Australia and abroad.

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