Practice Indemnity Insurance

Your medical practice and business needs its own medical liability cover in addition to your individual medical malpractice insurance.

Medical practices have separate exposures that may not be covered by your individual practitioner insurance. If you don’t have the correct medical indemnity insurance in place you are putting your business and your personal reputation at risk. This is why you may need separate cover for your practice. This includes cover for privacy breaches and errors made by staff.

You should consider practice indemnity insurance if:

  • your staff are involved in the care of your patients or work on patient files
  • a patient sees multiple practitioners
  • you have contractor or locum practitioners within your practice that may not be able to be located when a claim is made against the practice
  • there are divided responsibilities and obligations for patient care.

    Protecting your practice and your practitioners 





    Without a practice policy

    A claim made against the practice would be shared across each practitioner’s individual policy or not be covered leaving you and your colleagues personally exposed.

    With a practice policy

    Your personal claims record is protected from actions of your partners, employees, contractors or locums – ensuring your practitioner indemnity insurance is protected.


    What can be covered?

  • civil liability cover for acts, errors and omissions of employees, and for the indirect responsibility of the practice for acts, errors or omissions of medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals
  • cover for your business so staff members’ actions do not impact upon your individual practitioner indemnity insurance policy
  • cover for principals, partners, directors, officers, employees, volunteers and students of the practice in their capacity as employees of the practice, and cover for the spouses and estates of those people in so far as they are brought into the claim
  • employee disputes cover; for employee contract disputes, including complaints under anti-discrimination or equal opportunity legislation for non-medical practitioners
  • cover for the fees and costs of a public relations consultant to assist in creating a response where necessary
  • statutory liability cover for defence costs in relation to breach of occupational health and safety law or environmental law
  • optional public liability insurance; covers claims for personal injury or damage to someone else’s property.