Anaesthetist in Victoria : Income Protection Insurance Claim Testimonial

“I would like to tell my story with income protection and how Lloyd Levin helped me.

My first experience with income protection was when I was an intern at the hospital in 2002 were I did it for peace of mind, hoping not to use it. I arranged it with comminsure insurance from Commonwealth Bank, one guy came to my house and did the income protection.

I didn’t review the policy until around 2012 when I became consultant anaesthetist, again the same agent came to my house and this time he told me to change it to one path. Being a healthy, fairly young and busy doctor, I didn’t go much in to details of the policy and kept paying my monthly fees for many years with little worries in mind. Until the unexpected medical condition happened to me in mid of 2021 and I needed a lifesaving surgery followed by 4 weeks hospital admission. Then another operation 7 months later which needed another 6 weeks recovery time.

I was very lucky to survive the condition well and slowly return to my health state prior to all this.  When the time came to contact my income protection with one path, my first experience didn’t go very well, as I rang my agent and he didn’t respond his mobile phone, I rang commonwealth Bank to learn my agent left commonwealth bank around 2014 and commonwealth bank is not dealing with income protection any more and advised to ring one path directly!

I rang one path directly to enquire about assistant with my potential claim, apart from sending the needed forms they offered very little help.  I felt naïve that all those years passed without me reviewing the policy thinking I had an agent to represent me who failed to notify me when he left his position at the bank.

I decided to call my financial adviser who doesn’t normally deal much with income protection. He was willing to take my case with significant fees whether my claim is successful or not and he predicted a total cost around $10000.

I was not sure which way to proceed until I spoke to my anaesthetist friend and colleague who advised me to speak to Lloyd Levin being his agent for many years, he trusted him being very helpful and honest person and encouraged me to pass my case by him.

From my first contact with Lloyd, he was very helpful and easy to deal with.

He helped me through filling the forms, which form to send to my family doctor, collecting all the documents and information required. Lloyd was ready all the time to answer any questions, any time or day of the week, Lloyd was contactable all the time.

I didn’t expect to get much return from my claim as there was 90 days waiting period in my policy But a few weeks after submitted the claim to my surprise I received a good sum.

The next day, Lloyd contacted me to congratulate me on how successful the claim was. He was very happy and excited for me.

I was prepared to pay Lloyd fees that he deserved very well, but he informed me that he would not charge any fee for his time he spent assisting me during the claims process, due to my close relationship with his existing client.

I don’t think these results would have been achieved without Lloyd’s help.

The lessons for my experience to other doctors, please, have a trusted agent and contact him at least yearly to review the policy.

I greatly thank Lloyd Levin from Experien insurance services and I would highly recommend him.”

Dr K. 11 Aug 22

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