Applying for trauma insurance

When you apply for trauma insurance, your insurer will ask you a range questions to allow them to review your application.

You will need to tell your insurer anything that could affect their decision to provide you cover. And you need to give them this information if you change your insurance, such as increasing your cover.

The information required will differ from insurer to insurer but could include details such as your :

  1. age
  2. job
  3. medical history
  4. family history, such as a history of disease
  5. lifestyle, for example, if you’re a smoker
  6. high risk sports or hobbies, such as skydiving

Note that if an insurer doesn’t ask for your medical history, the policy might have more exclusions or narrower medical definitions.

The information you provide will help the insurer to decide:

  1. if they should insure you
  2. how much your premiums will be
  3. terms and conditions for your policy
  4. It is important that you answer the questions honestly.
  5. Providing misleading answers could lead to an insurer to decline a claim you make.

Note that its important to provide any updates to your health that may arise between the time you lodge an application and the date your policy is accepted.  Please note also that policies differ from insurer to insurer and you should  read the policy disclosure statement issued by the insurer before considering applying for cover.

This information is limited and general in nature and doesn’t take into account your own needs, objectives or personal situation.  To find out more, and to get personal advice, please contact us here :