Decide what happens to the assets you work so hard for – the importance of estate planning

Estate planning helps to ensure that, on your death, your assets will be managed and transferred according to your wishes, in the most financially efficient and tax-effective way, to the people you wish to benefit. You also need to ensure that you have documentation in place to enable a trusted person to deal with your financial and medical affairs, should the need arise, due to unforeseen circumstances, incapacity or illness during your lifetime and prior to your death.

Tony Snoyman from Experien Financial Services hosted Joanne Carusi and Emma Blay from Barry.Nilsson lawyers in a webinar to discuss the importance of estate planning and answer many of the common questions that we regularly get asked.  In this webinar, their simple explanations around important planning issues such as testamentary trusts and enduring powers of attorney clarify any nagging questions you have in this complicated and often frightening space.

Click here for a recording of the presentation.

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