Doctors Life Insurance

What is guaranteed renewability as it relates to life insurance for a doctor ? And is it important ?

Guaranteed Renewability is a policy feature offered in some insurance policies generally issued by life insurers regarding death cover, income protection insurance, trauma insurance and total and permanent disability insurance.

If an insurer offers such a feature it generally means that they guarantee to renew the insured’s cover each year until it expires, provided premiums are paid when due. And it generally also means they won’t cancel cover, place further restrictions on it or increase premiums because of changes to the insured person’s health, occupation or pastimes. Specifics may apply based on each individual

Each insurer will specify whether they have such a feature, and how it will work, in their product disclosure statement and the wording in that regard will differ from insurer to insurer.

Many doctors and dentists regard this as a very valuable feature and prefer policies that give this level of security compared to those that do not. However, not everyone knows whether their cover is guaranteed renewable or not.

This is general information. To find out more and how this may be relevant to your own needs, objectives and circumstances, contact Experien Insurance Services.

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