Experien Insurance Host Webinar On Dental Communication Skills

The power of good dental communication

Maintaining healthy life-long relationships can be challenging and requires work – not just with patients, but in friendships, with work colleagues, family members or with intimate partners. Effective communication is the foundation of all relationships, and the patient-clinician relationship is no different.

For all of us, communication is a skill that can be learned and developed. Part of that development is taking a good look in the mirror and reflecting on some of the gaps that might be present. Once you’re aware of the potential gaps, then you can decide if you want to do something to remedy the ‘mistakes’ that you may have been making.

In this webinar hosted by Experien General Insurance Services, Brett Churnin, General Manager, Client Relationships at Prime Practice discusses some of the common communication mistakes dentists (usually unknowingly) make, and the impact of avoiding those mistakes.

We also have Gillian Sheppard, Special Council at the national legal firm, Barry.Nillson, as a guest presenter. Gillian has helped many of the clients we arrange professional indemnity insurance for, with matters that are triggered by that policy.  She shares great insights from the experience that Barry.Nillson has in helping defend many dentists on professional indemnity matters.

Watch the webinar by clicking here.


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