Income protection insurance claim from breast cancer

We helped a medical profession to claim on her income protection policy that we previously arranged for. Her testimonial is shown below :

Income protection and life insurance is one of those payments you make thinking you’d never recoup and hope you never have to. At 49, having never been sick and only been to hospital to have my kids, a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis was a shock to say the least. Through the gruelling Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and multiple surgeries , my income protection kicked in so I could fully concentrate on my treatment and recovery. It really was a major factor in keeping my family financially afloat. We had just bought our first house , two kids entering Highschool and have elderly parents to support. I thanked Mark every time we talked for the sound advice he gave me at the start of my career in protecting myself for the unexpected and for the ongoing support and care he provided me at the most challenging and frightening time of my life. My income protection continues to support me in my long road to recovery, till I can support myself. It’s probably the most important investment I made as a professional

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