Income Protection Insurance Claim In Victoria

At 43, I was fit, active and well – until I collapsed out of the blue that is with what I now know was bowel cancer.

I had emergency surgery and multiple complications relating to the surgery but ultimately it was successful, and I am incredibly grateful to be well again with no further treatment required.

During the blur of the emergency, pain and crippling fear of uncertainty Lloyd Levin checked in with me regularly to enquire about my health. Then when I was recovering progressively, he helped me compile the documents required for my insurance claim.

He communicated on my behalf with issuers, he checked my documentation carefully and ran the process in full to allow me to continue to concentrate on my health.

Not only did he achieve a result I was thrilled with, but he did it with enormous compassion. I didn’t know until recently that a lot of what he did was not expected of his role.

I cannot recommend Lloyd enough for the cover I had in place in the first instance and his support through the claim process.

He is a true gentleman who cares. Lloyd, thank you. Anna

Feb 2024

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