Life insurer assists cancer patients

AIA Australia has launched a unique, digital health management program enabling cancer patients to receive care as soon as their claim is lodged.

The CancerAid Health Coach Program is provided to AIA Australia customers while they are receiving cancer treatment and is run in conjunction with CancerAid’s award winning app. In addition to the app, customers have access to healthcare professionals who provide personalised health coaching over the telephone to support them through their cancer treatment.

In October 2018, AIA Australia was the first life insurer to partner with CancerAid to assist customers undergoing cancer treatment to achieve better health outcomes.

The pilot program consisted of 50 customers, educating them on how to better manage their care while empowering them to actively participate in decisions around their health management. This evidence-based program was developed by cancer specialists and is delivered by health professionals via tele-health. This unique service utilises the best digital offering available in conjunction with face-to-face care.

The program educates AIA Australia customers about other wellness and occupational rehabilitation service offerings such as CaRe Movement™ — a specifically designed exercise physiology program for cancer patients who are still receiving treatment.

Around 35 per cent of customers who completed the CancerAid program then progressed into an AIA Australia wellness program which further assists with occupational rehabilitation. After completion of the pilot, there was a 39 per cent improvement in the number of patients actively managing their health by tracking their symptoms via the app.

The program covers:

  1. Symptom tracking
  2. The importance of activity and exercise
  3. Diet and nutrition
  4. Sleep
  5. Techniques to improve mental health

See the news release from AIA here.