Professional indemnity insurance for dentists

Experien General Insurance Services (EGIS) has been helping dentists to arrange their professional indemnity insurance for several years.  The scheme arranged by EGIS has helped hundreds of dentists with professional indemnity related claims for civil and regulatory matters.

EGIS is not an insurer. We select an insurer that is best for our clients and will regularly review the market to see if a better insurer is available for our clients.

EGIS is currently able to offer newly qualified dentists a discount in their insurance premiums in their first years of practice.  This is commonly known as a “starting in private practice discount”.

The dental professional indemnity insurance arranged for dentists by EGIS does not require you to be a member of any association, like the ADA, and no membership fees are payable in addition to the insurance premium.

Contact us via this link here to discuss whether we can help you with your professional indemnity insurance or liability insurance for dentists.  You can switch to the insurance we arrange at any time of the year.


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