Professional Indemnity Insurance For Dentists – Recent Court And Tribunal cases

Latest court and tribunal cases

The Dental Board Of Australia regularly publish court and tribunal summaries for the educational value for the Dental profession. Links to past and recent cases can be found on the News page on the Board’s website. Here are recent cases.

Tribunal disqualifies a former dentist from applying for registration for five years

A former dentist convicted of fraud has been reprimanded by a tribunal and disqualified from applying for registration for five years. Read more.

Dentist reprimanded for practising outside scope of practice

A tribunal has reprimanded a dentist who sedated a patient for an extended length of time and practised outside of his scope of practice. Read more.

Dentist reprimanded after breaching professional boundaries with a patient

A Western Australian dentist has been reprimanded by a tribunal and had conditions imposed on her registration after she admitted engaging in professional misconduct. Read more.

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