Understanding medical indemnity insurance

The two main categories that medical indemnity insurance policies in Australia respond to are Civil Claims and Regulatory Claims.  The latter can come about from The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the National Boards. The 2018 annual report from the regulator, which reports on the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, showed that :

3,749 notifications were lodged with AHPRA about medical practitioners

3,703 notifications closed this year for medical practitioners :

⇒ 7.8% resulted in accepting an undertaking or conditions being imposed on a medical practitioner’s registration
⇒ 6.7% resulted in a medical practitioner receiving a caution or reprimand by the Board
⇒ 1.0% resulted in suspension or cancellation of registration
⇒ 0.2% resulted in a fine
⇒ 80.2% resulted in no further action being taken
⇒ The remaining 4.1% were referred to another body or retained by a health complaints entity

It is important that you have the best possible defence from a medical indemnity insurer if you are faced with a regulatory matter.  The service provided and the financial limits for defending doctors with regulatory matters differ from insurer to insurer. As a medical practitioner,  if you would like help to choose the best insurer for you, then please contact Experien General Insurance Services here.

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