Life And Income Protection Insurance For Dentists

Do dentists have a relatively high risk of suffering from a disability in their working career relative to other health professionals ? Are they at higher risk of musculoskeletal problems or from mental illness ?  Do they have a greater need for disability insurance ? One study in the UK showed the following :

Data published in 1999 from the Government Actuary on the National Health Service Pension Scheme (1989-1994) have indicated that the frequency of ill health premature retirement (IHR) was four times more prevalent among dentists at age 42 years compared with doctors.

A project was initiated to determine the factors that contributed to IHR in dental practitioners, and the effects of IHR on their lives via interviews that were carried out during 2007.

Depression, stress and anxiety were reported by respondents to be major causes of their retirement, followed by musculoskeletal disease and premature disability caused by trauma.

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