“When I sold my dental practice to a corporate for a large sum I decided I didn’t need income protection anymore even though I was intending to work for another 12 years.

Fortunately Mark from Experien Insurance Services took the time to go through the policy with me again and explain its benefits. As a result of that conversation I decided to keep the policy and I’m so glad I did because 3 years later I suffered what is likely to be a career ending eye injury.

I contacted Mark and he guided me through the claims process. Once the insurer received all the necessary documents from the specialist they started paying out every month and it’s now been over a year.

I cannot thank Mark and his team enough for helping me choose the right policy & convincing me to keep it.

It’s been a very stressful time in my life but at least I don’t have any financial concerns thanks to the income protection.”

“15 years ago I took out a trauma policy on Lloyd Levin’s advice, never thinking I would use it.

I recently suffered a heart attack and within 7 days Lloyd had the policy paid out in full.

Lloyd made the process easy and efficient during this hard time.

I highly recommend Lloyds advice and service.”

41 year old male, IT professional

We don’t like to hear about our clients getting ill or injured.

But, when they do, we are proud to step up to the plate and help them get financial support from the insurance policies we arrange for them.

And our pride is reinforced when we often get lovely feedback like that shown below.

In this case, we helped arrange a claim payment for both his :

Income Protection Insurance policy,


His Business Expenses (Disability) insurance policy

Thanks to all the medical professionals across Australia for the great work you do every day !


“Just some thoughts and extreme gratitude for your help.

I have had a couple of major health issues in the past 4 years.

The first was in 2017 when I underwent heart surgery. I had taken out insurance (including Trauma and Income Protection as well as Life cover) about 40 years ago when I began work and the policy was initially undertaken with an insurance company that no longer existed in 2017, presumably having been bought out by several other entities in that time.

We were quite distressed when trying to get assistance from the present insurance company and was deferred to several offshore call centres which did not seem to be able to help process my claim. I was recommended to seek advice from Mark Sacks by my accountant. He stepped in at that time and took over the case resolving it in no time at all. His professionalism and compassion were humbling – he actually dropped into my home the next day and all was handled efficiently.  The maximum claim was attained with regards to Trauma payout; the income protection payment was extended to many months after I had returned to work!   Every phone call and email was answered promptly and courteously.

This year I have developed a neurologic problem affecting the use of my leg – severely impacting my ability to work. I felt that I could not stop work completely because of a commitment to my practice and this apparently was set to void any claim to my Income Protection claim. Many people told me I was foolish to not comply with this action (of not stopping work for the mandated 4 weeks) which jeopardised the payout – but not Mark who offered support emotionally and professionally giving encouragement to continue working to my limited capacity. He was tenacious and explored every avenue to reach a successful outcome. He strongly recommended consultation with an Insurance Claims Specialist with whom he had previously worked; and this ultimately led to a successful claim for which I am very satisfied.  

I am most grateful to Mark Sacks and recommend him without reservation.

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

“It is the best decision ever to meet Mark Sacks a couple of years ago when we did, to put our income protection/TPD/life insurances in place.

Mark has been and continues to be extremely helpful and timely, in guiding us through all of the process, including taking the right type/amount of cover.

At that time, it was only a peace of mind decision for us and never truly thought that we would ever have to claim.

But when reality struck and we came to terms with it, we reached out to Mark to update our status.

Mark immediately arranged for us to meet, explained the implications and that we would be eligible for a claim and lodged it with the insurer.

Our claim has been successful.

Without the right advice at the right time, we would have been completely oblivious to this and now we believe that the insurers do pay the claims.

Premiums that we paid is money well-spent.

We immensely are grateful to Mark and his team for being on our side and helping us out even when we didn’t know that we needed help.” July 21

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

“I was introduced to Lloyd Levin at Experien Insurance Services when my husband and I were purchasing our house.

Lloyd made organising life insurance and income protection extremely easy.

He came to our house and took time to explain the complicated ins and outs of it all.

Recently I had to unexpectedly use my Income Protection insurance after prolonged sick leave from work.

Again Lloyd made this process as easy as it could be.

Thanks to Lloyd a difficult situation has been far less financially stressful.

We couldn’t recommend his services enough.  Many many thanks to your help.

.…………………….Emergency Specialist Doctor, Melbourne



Occupation : Accountant

Cause of claim : Breast Cancer

Claim made : Policy year 4

Claim paid : Under 10 days

Amount : $255,000

Client feedback to Experien Insurance Services (June 2021)

I want to thank you for your help on this claim.  No one willingly wants to be in a position where they find themselves able to make a trauma claim, and it has been great to have your support and assistance during a very difficult time.  My business has been (and still is) hit very badly by COVID, and the added stress of medical bills was giving me a lot of angst.  So thank you so much for helping me through this, I really appreciate it and would be more than happy to recommend you to my friends, family and colleagues to assist them with insurance needs.

Life insurance and Financial Advice services are provided by Experien Insurance Services Pty Ltd (EIS) ABN 99 128 678 937 and Experien Financial Services Pty Ltd (EFS) ABN 32 631 346 757. EIS and EFS are a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 320626 and No. 1274354) of Affinia Financial Advisers Limited ABN 13 085 335 397 AFSL No. 237857.This is general information and you should not act on it, or rely on it, without obtaining personal advice. Always read the product disclosure statement (PDS0 issued by an insurer before considering to take out insurance. The PDS will note the terms of the policy and the definitions on what will qualify as a claim.

“I took out an income protection insurance policy with the intention of never using it as I am usually very risk-averse.

Mark recommended a plan based on my circumstances that seemed very reasonable.

With my unlucky bicycle accident, I didn’t think my claim was going to be approved but Mark recommended trying.

He persevered and was able to successfully make a claim on my behalf.

I am incredibly grateful for Mark’s efforts and highly recommend him for his professional insight and efforts.

Thanks again.”



Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

Getting cancer is one of those unexpected life health event that I never thought would happen to me. Reflecting on that conversation my husband and I had with Mark Sacks from Experien over 10 years back I had thought then whether we had made the correct decision to take out insurance policies.

I was one of those people who thought that the chances of trauma happening to either of us was miniscule given that we had both looked after our health and led relatively healthy lifestyles. But if this experience has taught us anything – it’s that unexpected things do happen and we’re glad to have taken Mark’s professional advice back then.

He had undertaken to offer our family, insurance policies that was tailored to our current as well as our future needs. The insurance claim has subsequently given my family financial comfort and peace of mind, especially during these times of a global pandemic and financial uncertainty.

His support, assistance and guidance throughout the subsequent claims process has been immense, given that this was unchartered territory for me. He has facilitated and made the claims process seamless and a very pleasant, stress-free experience. He has practically undertaken all our legwork and that has allowed for me to get on with my life and focus on what is important – my recovery and my family. These simple words cannot truly express to Mark, how deeply thankful I am.


Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

Dear Mark

Thank you again for all your help, support and extra care !

The process was surprisingly very straight forward and super efficient. I credit you for getting me the best Income Protection Insurance I could have hoped for.

It takes a huge burden off my shoulders so I can concentrate on my treatment and recovery.

I’m looking forward to seeing you when it’s all done and dusted !

I’ll certainly be having a big birthday celebration next year!


Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services