“Hey Mark. Thank you for all the support through this time.  I’m glad that I made a right decision joining you guys and taking your advice regarding the insurance policy as it’s been great financial support during the injury. Thanks, Mark! “

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

When I was first  diagnosed with early  breast  cancer in February 2020, I was shocked and worried.  It was found on two yearly mammogram and ultrasound unexpected.  I said to myself  how am I going to survive if I go for the surgery and close my dental clinic for at least 6 weeks without any income  ? Especially while the business was already down due to Covid -19 pandemic. I quickly contacted Mark Sacks who is my MLC income protection financial adviser. I also have TAL business income protection and life and trauma insurance through super for which my financial adviser was my accountant and who later move to Queensland and is no longer my financial adviser for TAL.I asked Mark if he can be my TAL financial adviser , he agreed without any hesitation. I am really grateful for his kindness for giving me a helping hand when I was desperate.

In April 2020 I had mastectomy and nipple sparing implant reconstruction done with a Doctor who is a caring and competent breast  surgeon. The surgery was a success but recovery took time .I had strong pain and fatigue for more than 4 weeks. Mark helped me a lot with the insurance claim during this period. I had TAL business claim approved quickly which was a great relief for me .TAL trauma claim also came back with great result. I was so happy. It really helped me tremendously.

I really appreciate Mark for responding my email quickly and follow up my claim efficiently. Mark is a very professional and knowledgeable financial adviser. I will hundred percent recommend Mark Sacks to my friends and colleagues.

Once again I want to thank Mark for helping me so much in my difficult times. Thank you ! Mark.

Dentist in NSW.

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

Lloyd Levin and his team at Experien recently handled an income protection claim for me after I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage. He made the entire process far smoother than I could have imagined – all the paperwork and red tape was handled quickly and expertly. I am very grateful for the peace of mind that he provided during what was a difficult time.

Victorian ; Male age 33 ; General surgery fellow

Lloyd Levin’s Profile

My name is Monica and I am a General Medical Practitioner in Victoria and I would like to provide a testimonial regarding my recent experience with Mr Lloyd Levin and the team at Experien Insurance. I had been one of Lloyd’s clients for over 10 years for my life insurance, trauma cover and income protection insurance. In March 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I only had to make one phone call to Lloyd, and then he organised everything. I completed all the documents with the assistance of my treating surgeon and with minimum of fuss I received my full payout of both my income protection and trauma cover within two weeks of my diagnosis. The claim was dealt with promptly and efficiently that I cannot thank enough Lloyd and the team at Experien Insurance. As a result of my prompt insurance payout, I can now concentrate on my full recovery as I have no associated financial concerns. Lloyd can only be describes as a highly knowledgeable, competent and ethical insurance broker, I can’t thank him enough for the exceptional service I received during my recent illness.

Lloyd Levin’s Profile

“Before hearing from Lloyd and his team at Experien, I had essentially given up on finding an insurance policy that was fair and able to provide peace of mind.

I happen to have a relatively rare medical condition which had meant that getting income protection of any sort was going to be extremely challenging. I had become dissolusioned with the insurance process and frustrated with the treatment that I was getting as a medical professional who was otherwise completely healthy. After almost 12 months of struggling with other organisations, I eventually settled with an income protection policy that was far from ideal (over priced and only covered accidents).

Two years down the track, Lloyd and his team were able to continue the search for a fair deal on my behalf. Despite a prolonged and difficult process, (not helped by my own limited participation due to college exams) they were able to find me a deal that was much fairer and able to give me and my family peace of mind for the future. I appreciated the updates, either via phone or email and felt that they had my best interests at heart throughout the process.”

Lloyd Levin’s Profile


Experien Insurance Services has been exceptional in delivering reliable and expeditious service.

In particular I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my adviser Mark Sacks from Experien Insurance Services who was not only extremely efficient but also very caring and sensitive to the needs of his client.

Being in the position to claim income protection was not only physically but psychologically extremely stressful time for myself, but with the help of Mark and the Clearview insurance the burden of financial stress was been minimised by making the claim process as smooth as possible which enabled me to focus on my recovery.

With my first income protection claim, Mark visited my place within first few hours of my email enquiry and periodically called to check on the progress of my recovery. His level of commitment and attention to the needs of his client has far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Mark Sacks and Clearview and keep up the great work !

Mark Sacks – Experien Insurance Services

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable support provided by Mark Sacks, Principal Advisor from Experien Insurance Services. My claim was related to psychological trauma. During this time my anxiety and stress level were high.

Mark at all times was sensitive and responsive to my needs. He supported me throughout the claiming process by ensuring the relevant forms were completed correctly and all documentation included. I have no doubt that his support has contributed to my recovery.

His responses to my enquiries were timely and accurate. He was proactive in contacting me and showing concerned about my well-being. When the insurer was a little slow in responding and processing my claims, Mark was expedient in following up and ensuring the insurer responded in a timely manner.  Mark has displayed exemplary ethics and customer service.

Mark Sacks


“After breaking my neck in a sporting accident I knew it would take a number of months for healing and rehabilitation before I was able to return to work. I was extremely fortunate to have the assistance of Lloyd Levin who took care of sorting out my income protection claim so that I didn’t have to worry about a thing and could focus on my recovery. I would highly recommend Lloyd’s services to anyone looking into income protection, trauma, disability or life insurance.”

See Lloyd Levin’s details here


I am writing to express my appreciation of the exceptional services of your employee Ms Tracey Kloner whose help has been invaluable during my time of greatest need.

Tracey was first recommended to me by a friend and colleague a few years ago when I first entered private practice in my field. She assisted me with my required insurances and since has been consistently keeping me updated, informed and engaged. Tracey convinced me to stay with Experien after a near switch to what would have been an inferior insurance policy elsewhere.

Following an unfortunate medical diagnosis Tracey informed me about my level of cover which I did not anticipate at the time. She efficiently worked through the required paperwork and my cover was realised which came at a time when owing to my ongoing medical treatment and stressed financial situation was a great relief to both my family and I.

Tracey has been a lifesaver and has my highest regards. I will certainly recommend her services along with your company to anyone I know.

Hi Mark, We have received all the payments from both BT and ClearView. We are incredibly grateful to you for making the process so smooth……Friday, 27 September 2019