Hi Mark, We have received all the payments from both BT and ClearView. We are incredibly grateful to you for making the process so smooth……Friday, 27 September 2019

” Yes the funds were received thank goodness. I really appreciate all the work you did in ensuring the life insurance came through. It certainly has been a huge relief to me and I can’t thank you enough. You were so caring and compassionate through it all under such traumatic circumstances.”

Hi Mark, Thank you very much for your help. You  have assisted and provided me with so much support, esp financially, that my worries have just been on my health only.  I don’t know where I would be without your big help.

“I put off getting income protection for the first few years of my medical career, confused by the range of options available. Eventually I realised it was a necessity and was fortunate to be recommended Lloyd Levin by a colleague, as he smoothed the path to ensure I had the right insurance for my needs. Within 18 months I was seeking his expertise again after an injury greatly restricted my sitting capacity and ability to work as a GP. Again I was initially put off by the lengthy forms and substantiation required but Lloyd patiently took me me through the forms and dealt with the insurer directly. Thanks to his assistance the claim was successful and I have been able to put time into my rehabilitation and return to work gradually without financial stress. All doctors need income protection early in their career and we all need an advocate like Lloyd to take care of the details.”


Income Protection is something which I have now had for over 20 years and assumed I would never need to make a claim. Lloyd has managed the income protection policies for our company for over 10 years. He has always done a good job managing these policies and checking each year they were still relevant for each individual in the company.

It wasn’t until I had to make a claim following a mountain bike accident, that I realised just how important our insurance broker is. Lloyd has been an indispensable member of my recovery team. He has been the main link between me and the insurance company. This has meant that any issues over clauses or wording in the policy has been explained to me and then a strategy has been developed to ensure my best interests have been represented.

By having Lloyd actively manage my claim, this has reduced the stress and anxiety for myself and my family who had to deal with the initial part of claim. This has allowed me to focus fully on my recovery, knowing my income stream is secure, and that I am receiving the best outcome from my income protection policy.

I highly recommend Lloyd Levin to anyone looking for an insurance broker. He will look after your interests first and foremost. He will act as your advocate when discussing your case with the insurance company, even if that means he has to take a contrary view to the insurance company.

It was also a reminder of how important income protection insurance is, as it allows you to fully recover, before embarking back to work. My work was able to employ someone to cover my workload, without the business suffering financially. As the business owner, this meant my profits were not affected.

Dr Scott Rogers BVSc MVS

From our very first meeting we noticed that there was something different about Experien, and in particular Mark. His approach, care, patience and professionalism, has shone through from the very first time we met.

One of the key services provided consistently by Mark was that he has always taken the time to explain the policy that we were venturing into, answering any questions we had along the way, supporting us with price comparisons if at any time we questioning value for money.

Recently we were revisiting our insurance with Mark, and it was during this five-minute phone conversation that Mark changed our lives.

In our conversation we discussed a medical event that we had not previously talked to Mark about. It happened, my partner has recovered, and we thought nothing more about it.

Mark asked a few questions and there was one particular question, “Did we put forward an insurance claim for this event?” I’m sure we are not alone with this but to be honest we never even thought about putting forward a claim and in hindsight it is so obvious that we should have. There was so much going on at the time and the last thing on our mind was an insurance claim!

A basic question that I’m convinced not many Insurance Brokers would take the time to ask. Thank you Mark for looking after your customers, educating us regularly on what we are paying for and in turn able to access.

Once Mark helped us establish that we were eligible to make a claim, Mark sent through the paperwork. I filled out as much as I could and Mark helped with finalising the documents before sending them off to the insurance company. Off it went, and in our busy lives we’d moved on and forgotten about it.

A few weeks later, Mark sent an email asking if he could drop by to discuss our insurance. We’re aware that he has children of similar age and we didn’t want to bother him to come see us – he insisted.

After a brief catch-up he handed by partner an envelope from the insurance company. Inside was a cheque for the full amount of our policy – a true game changer for us.

We’re sure that Mark and his team liaised with the insurance company with all the required details to get to this outcome.

We’d like to thank Mark and his team for all their work. Thank you for providing a service with a difference. Hate to make this sound like a cliché but we genuinely feel you guys really do care about your customers. From late night home visits, to always making yourselves available to answer any questions, even the most basic of ones.

Thank you for your simple question, “Did you make a claim?”

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the whole team especially you for your diligence and control of the situation. It brings me immense pleasure and a sense of calmness to be able to put this issue to bed.  Again thank you for your great work.

Following a successful claims outcome on a matter, this dentist gave the following compliment to the legal team and Experien :

That’s really great news . I really appreciate you help,assistance,dedication and hardwork for this case. Thank you very much once again to you and Experien Team 🙂

Craig Wright has been helping my husband and myself with the Income protection and other personal insurance for a few years now. The most invaluable help we received was, when earlier this year I had to undergo major surgery quite unexpectedly and at a time when we were doing the rounds of the hospitals Craig took care of the all the paper work and and made the process of the insurance payout as smooth and expeditiously as one could hope for. 14 Nov 2018

I recently switched from my previous insurance adviser over to Experien Insurance.  From the outset Lloyd provided clear advice to myself and my husband and provided us with policies that were more appropriate to our needs than our previous policies were, and also managed to make them more cost effective.  Within a few months of changing over I had to make a claim and Lloyd and Meghan handled everything for me to ensure it all went smoothly.  Lloyd advocated for me in order that I could get the full payout despite my diagnosis falling within the 3 months of my new policy.  I highly recommend Lloyd . He is always quick to respond to questions, warm, and most importantly he knows his stuff!