Pro-Active Risk Management Solutions. Tailored individually for you by a Dental-Legal specialist

We encourage our clients, that we arrange Dental Professional Indemnity Insurance for, to consider several approaches to manage their professional risks. Whilst insurance provides excellent security that you may need if something goes wrong, it is always best to avoid claims by being pro-active in managing your professional risks.

Brad Wright is a well known barrister specialising in the dental sector, who is also a registered dentist. Whilst the extensive legal services from your professional indemnity insurer can respond to incidents emerging that relate to your insurance, Brad can provide you with a risk management package specifically tailored for you and your practice needs to try prevent claims from happening.

Package Inclusions

Relevant areas of risk for dentists that Brad can consult on include:

  • Patient Records – Brad can conduct an audit of patient records for compliance with guidelines (this can be done electronically)
  • Item Number use– many clients would be at risk of a preferred provider audit.  Brad can conduct an analysis of the item number usage to detect if you are at risk
  • Employment risks – Brad can review contracts and arrangements with staff such as restraints, to ensure you are not at risk of employment disputes
  • Response to complaints from Patients – Brad can consider if you have templates or a framework in place on how to manage complaints effectively
  • Brad can cover other areas too on request or by his suggestion such as equipment and premises risk.

These services would form part of a tailored risk management package, and include a tailored report with recommendations.  You would be able to choose what elements suit your needs.

How does it work?

Brad is an independent counsel and you would engage with him directly on these services.  You would contact Brad directly below and discuss your needs and budget and he can discuss a tailored approach that works for you.

How does this relate to your insurer’s legal support?

Support from your professional indemnity insurer is provided as a benefit of the professional indemnity insurance policy you have with them based on their policy terms.  They will respond to matters covered by your policy of insurance including the defence of claims of negligence.  The legal team supporting the professional indemnity insurance product may also offer an hour of complimentary legal consultation via their own legal panel for non-insurance claims matters as specified elsewhere on the website.

Brad is an independent counsel who has unique and extensive legal and dental experience.  Brad’s services are an additional option, introduced by Experien that you may want to consider at your own cost – to be pro-active about managing your practice risk.

Mediating Practice and Business Disputes

Mediation (facilitative) is a process whereby parties can resolve the dispute themselves, by meeting and being assisted by a mediator. If agreement is reached, a binding deed can be executed. Mediations commonly can take a half or whole day but are very cost effective in settling disputes and can take away a lot of the stress of litigation.

Lawyers can assist the parties and the mediator, but it is not necessary for a lawyer to represent you in many cases.

Disputes in Employment, contract, partnership, in fact any part of dentistry can be mediated in most circumstances.

The Process

  • Two or more parties agree that they have a dispute and then contact an Accredited Mediator to discuss a mediation resolution.
  • The Mediator is not acting for either party, does not make a decision: he/she helps the parties come to their own resolution.
  • The Parties execute a mediation agreement and then a date is set for mediation and the cost is shared by both parties.
  • The cost of a mediation is much less than the cost of litigation.
  • If you have lawyers involved already they can organise the mediation for you.
  • Barristers make effective mediators because of their knowledge of the law.
  • Brad Wright is a nationally accredited mediator.
  • Because of 30 years’ experience in dentistry, dental registration, a Masters of Business Administration and as an independent counsel, Brad can provide effective mediation services to those in the wider dental industry and profession.
  • If you have a dispute or are aware of a dispute in dental practice or industry, then we can assist with a mediated binding outcome.
  • Whether it is face to face at a location near you or by video or telephone, mediation not litigation ought to be the first choice for dental practitioners and the dental industry. It is an opportunity for certainty.

Call (07) 3007 1777 for a no fee initial consultation.

About Brad Wright

bradwright-e1342056997686(Dr) Brad Wright BDSc(Qld) LLB (Hons) GDLegPrac MBA FFDACLM FICD FADI FPFA

Brad graduated as a dentist in 1982 from the University of Queensland, and practiced as a dentist from 1982. He operated a regional single practitioner practice from 1987 that grew to 4 dentists and three hygienist/therapists when he sold the practice in 2007.

Brad graduated from law school in 1998 and his honours thesis was entitled “Material Risk and Causation in Dental Treatment”. He was admitted as a solicitor in 2006. He completed an MBA in 2010. He was called to the bar in March 2011. He has a full time commercial, administrative practice in the Inns of Court in Brisbane.

He is a foundation fellow of the Faculty of Dentistry of Australian College of Legal Medicine and has provided lectures in the law to dentists and dental students for over 15 years. He has experience in administrative and indemnity matters through his roles in the Australian Dental Association, through committees, mediation and advocacy, and as President of the Australian Dental Association in Queensland.

He also has significant management and consultancy experience with corporate and practitioner clients in relation to clinical operations, practice management and legal risk management.

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